Colorful Shiny Textured Vinyl Die Cut Flowers

$3.00 USD


Product Description

I die cut these fabulous flowers from rescued designer vinyl samples with very interesting textured finishes. Sparkle and shine is what you have here. The top 3 on either side are a darker silver with different texturing and shine, and did not photograph well. These are the perfect size for outfit or hat accents, card or bookmark making, hair ornaments, altered art, and collage or scrapbooks; anywhere a bold textured bloom is needed.

* Set of 20 flowers
* About 1.75 inches round

Recycling Works!
These pretty vinyl samples were diverted from landfill by FabMo, an ecologically minded nonprofit. Two of the purple in the center are doubled in my basting, giving you 5 of those lovely purple blooms.

The samples I find make limited batches of flowers; each a unique, one-of-a-kind assortment. My exclusive die cut selections are available in fabric, vinyl, leather, wallpaper, card stock, paint samples, and interesting prints. Please see my shop for a variety of striking die cut sets ready for your creative projects.

Recycled Treasures - Handmade Gifts say You're Special!

Welcome to my wonderful world of recycling where rescued materials are given a second beautiful life.
Nothing says 'You're Special' better than handmade.