Crocheted Beige with Purple Stripe Coat Hanger Cover Set

$14.00 USD


Product Description

Beige with frosted purple stripe crocheted cover set for your plastic or wire coat hangers. Sheers will not slip off, ending up in heaps on the floor. The cover will fit most triangle plastic or wire hangers. These reusable covers are wonderful. When a hanger accidentally breaks, just move the cover to another hanger.

* 2 hanger covers
* About 17 x 2 inches
* Hanger not included

I would call this off-white color fisherman from labeled yarn I have seen. A lovely housewarming or birthday gift. Please note that a hanger is not included. No wrapper was available so the yarn content is unknown. I suggest a cold water wash and gentle dry.

Recycling Works!
The yarn is diverted from landfill by FabMo, an ecologically minded nonprofit. My color selection is always changing, making a limited run on any color or combination.

Crocheted Beige with Purple Stripe Coat Hanger Cover Set

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