Freestanding Pickup Truck Christmas Ornament

$20.00 USD


Product Description

A pickup truck for Christmas. This delightful freestanding truck makes an interesting and unique travel decoration. Hang it from your Christmas tree for eye-catching appeal. It is perfect for any uncommon ornament collector. I also make cars.

It will stand on its own. An unusual centerpiece nestled in some flowers or table decoration, and can be used for years as a reminder of the event long after the flowers have faded. The nearly invisible nylon loop can be removed if not needed for hanging. A colorful baby shower and nursery decoration. Perfect table decorations for weddings with a travel theme.

* About 0.5 inches wide at wheels
* 4.25 inches long
* 2.25 inches tall

Please contact me with your color choice. If your color is not in my fleet, I will be happy to make it for you in a day or two. I have several in the shop waiting for their paint jobs. For decorative purposes only. This is not a toy and should not be given to children or pets to play with.

Recycling Works!
The yarn was diverted from landfill by FabMo, an ecologically minded nonprofit. My color selection is always changing and shades will vary, but I'm sure to find a lovely color for your pickup truck.

Freestanding Pickup Truck Christmas Ornament Freestanding Pickup Truck Christmas Ornament Freestanding Pickup Truck Christmas Ornament

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