Recycling or Upcycling - giving the discarded a second life

I started my shop to learn how to help my daughter get hers going. She has gone in a different direction, and I am still here with my crafting business to keep me busy.

Multiple Sclerosis has limited the size of projects I take on, and quilting is no longer possible. I work from my wheelchair on a variety of creative projects as my offerings have evolved with recycling/upcycling in mind. I turn unwanted materials into wonderful items with a second life of usefulness.

I run every aspect of my business. All items in my shop are made by me, and I hope you receive them with the joy I had in their creation. I guess when you are touched by the crafting spirit, you have no choice but to be creative!

Recycled Treasures - Handmade Gifts say You're Special!

Greetings and welcome to my wonderful world of recycling. Good communication is the key to a smooth transaction. If you have a question or concern, please contact me. I run every aspect of my business. Nothing says 'You're Special' better than handmade.