Recycling or Upcycling - giving the discarded a second life

I started my shop years ago to learn how to help a daughter get hers going. She has gone in a different direction, and I am still here with my crafting business to keep me busy. Fortuitous how that all worked out, but I am so thankful life took those turns as it has given me a purpose today.

As multiple sclerosis makes it difficult to craft some things, I discover new items to create. I am happy to find usefulness in my crafting, and in some ways feel recycled myself. If it weren't for my disability, I probably never would have found myself with a crafting business. My offerings have evolved with recycling/upcycling in mind. I turn unwanted materials into wonderful items with a second life of usefulness. My creations come from a smoke free and pet free(unfortunately) home.

A wonderful source for materials is FabMo in Sunnyvale. They collect discarded designer samples keeping them out of landfill and making them available for creative reuse. They have so much more, but I get fabric, leather, wallpaper, wall coverings, paint samples, vinyl, trim, and my husband found a wood sample big enough to make an electric guitar once. People donate unwanted items as well; yarn, maps, books, thread, plastic canvas, magazines, and cards. You never know what may turn up.

I run every aspect of my business. All items are made by me, and I hope you receive them with the joy I had in their creation. Nothing says 'You're Special' better than handmade.

Recycled Treasures - Handmade Gifts say You're Special!

Welcome to my wonderful world of recycling where rescued materials are given a second beautiful life.
Nothing says 'You're Special' better than handmade.